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Hunting showstoppers & 5 other reasons to visit us at the Festival of Hunting, 20th July

Posted by Katherine on 12th Jul 2016

This year Vintage Tack Room's store at the Festival of Hunting, Peterborough, will feature the ‘Showstoppers Rail’ - a curated collection of the best of our hunting attire from names like Weatherill, Huntsman, Roberts & Carroll, Hawkins and Patey.

From hunt coats and sidesaddle habits, to hunt caps and field boots we have some superb pieces to highlight from the master tailors and makers.

If you’re looking for a really special item come along early and take a look. 

Here are 5 other reasons to visit our store:

1. Discounts: If your hunt is a member of our Hunt Savings Scheme you’ll personally receive 5% off any purchase on the day and we’ll donate another 5% to your hunt - just ask at the stand. If your hunt isn't a member, come and find out how to join

2. The size of our collection means great choice in one place whether you're shopping for new clothes, secondhand, or true vintage

3. Great value boots: This year we have a particularly good range of ladies and gents vintage and new boots including the final few pairs of ever-popular Regent ‘seconds’ - amazing value - and our last three pairs of ladies Caldene Ashford field boots which are perfect for Autumn hunting and only £155

4. Repairs and alterations for your coats: Our wonderful tailor Sarah will be there to take in your hunt coat if it needs some TLC, repairs or alterations - so bring it along with you

5. Sell us your hunting attire: We’re always looking for special stock so if you have rare, vintage or high quality secondhand hunt clothes - perhaps to fund a purchase! - come and talk to us (please note we don't sell on commission)

And the 6th reason (see what we did there?) is simply to come and say hello. Since buying Vintage Tack Room in April we are enjoying meeting as many customers as possible. We'd love to hear about your experiences including what products you rate, what you’re looking to buy (we’ll put it on our wishlist) and listen to how we can best serve our customers and the hunting community.

Best wishes,

Katherine & Simon

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