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Not ready for my close-up

9th Oct 2014

In Nancy Mitford’s Love In A Cold Climate, Cedric teaches Lady Montdore to say “brush’ as she enters a room, because “it fixes at once this very gay smile on one’s face”.It’s something I must keep in … read more

All About Autumn Hunting

5th Sep 2014

The alarm goes, and for a split second, you think ‘Noooooooooo…..’ and go to hit the snooze button. But then you remember, and you are up and out to the yard. The horses are blinking sleepily or mun … read more

It's Show Time!

28th Feb 2014

IT’S SHOWTIME!!!Working Hunter here we come!Whether you’re planning to compete in local shows, Search for a Star, or you’re a professional producer, we can help. We can kit you out from head to toe, … read more

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