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Love on Four Legs

Love on Four Legs

Posted by Foxtrot on 9th Feb 2015

“Darling,” said Nelly sensuously [on our favourite ever Valentine’s card],“As it's Valentine's Day, let's go and make hot, intense, passionate love in that field over there.”“Ok - but let's get these … read more

Black & Blue

Posted by Foxtrot on 5th Jan 2015

This week’s jottings are about black and blue. That’s neither how I like my steak done, nor my condition after coming off over a socking great drop hedge out with the bloodhounds last season.No, t … read more

Ratcatcher in November?

15th Nov 2014

It might seem contrary to be writing about tweed when everyone has just turned out in their finery for the opening meet — but bear with me, as call centre staff like to say.Much as I adore m … read more

My Great Aunt's Hunting Whip

22nd Oct 2014

At this time of year, when I take my hunting clothes out from the storage bag under the bed, I always think of my great aunt. A splendid old bird who bred beagles and rattled round the north Cotswo … read more

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