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About Us

The Vintage Tack Room is a British business specialising in hunting clothes and accessories. 

We focus on vintage hunting clothes and good quality secondhand items. They are not only beautifully made, and made to last, but also offer incredible value for money when compared to the cost of bespoke clothes or boots today. Vintage tailoring also tends to last the fashion test of time. This is classic tailoring at its best and, as a result, it lasts the test of time. A beautiful vintage tweed or hunt coat from the 1960s will fit in as much today as it did in the 60s, and will look as stylish in another 30 year's time.

You cannot beat the fabric, cut and finish of beautiful British bespoke tailoring - you just need to find the piece that fits you.

An Update: In November 2021 we are moving temporarily before a bigger move to Devon in the Spring of 2022. The online store will be closed until the end of November '21. We apologise for the inconvenience but you are welcome to email us: and we will answer your queries.



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